About Us

Paul Janzen, the president of Intermountain Funding, has a background of over 20 years experience in mortgage lending. First in Orange County California, then moving to Colorado for a better quality of life and forming Intermountain Funding.  He spent 5 years in Telluride, working with the Volunteer Fire Department before buying a home and settling in Montrose.

Besides mortgage lending, Paul has 2,000 hours in as a private pilot and is an inveterate traveler having toured 110 countries. He is active in several non-profit organizations such as UVA, WCC, Friends of the Library, and the Senior Center.

Although Paul has done all types of mortgages, for the last 4 years he has specialized solely in HECM reverse mortgages. The financial security reverse mortgages offer, make them an important financial tool for homeowners over 62.

“It’s no exaggeration to say they are life-changing in many cases. The satisfaction of doing them is almost not like work,” Paul says.